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The programme INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE is a transnational European cooperation programme for Central Europe. It supports innovative cooperation projects to strengthen the competitiveness and regional collaboration. The funding period will last from 2014 to 2020.

ENTeR - Expert Network on Textile Recycling

Programme priority 1: Cooperating on innovation to make CENTRAL EUROPE more competitive

Programme priority specific objective 1.1: To improve sustainable linkages among actors of the innovation systems for strengthening regional innovation capacity in Central Europe


Project type

INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE (European Regional Development Fund)

Project start

01 July 2017

Project duration

36 months


10 partners from 5 countries

Project coordinator



The project aims to demonstrate the benefit of an operational collaborative model amongst research and business partners, based on shared skills focused on waste eco-design and resource efficiency.

The project also makes use of a platform (under development by the Lead Partner) that will be shared at Central Europe level, for the cataloguing, use and exploitation of industrial textile scraps and waste. This system will contribute to strengthen the innovation capacity of the textile companies in Central Europe, improving a sustainable linkage among industrial textile areas to foster a closer cooperation on waste management and resource efficiency.

The approach of the project and the cooperation between the partners is oriented to the management and optimization of waste, in a Life Cycle Design (or Eco-design) perspective.



  • Survey of waste management framework of partners’ regions
  • Sites visits
  • Interregional Advisory Board (IAB) of public stakeholders
  • Strategic agenda on waste management and resource efficiency

Waste Survey and Cataloguing

  • Waste database
  • Pilot cases
  • Business model

Model Validation

  • Industrial symbiosis workshops
  • High level training modules
  • System model validation

Communication & Management

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