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Fibre nonwovens

  • according to
    • carded processing
    • random laid web processing Airlay (long fibres)
    • random laid web processing Airlaid (short fibres)
  • needle-punched nonwovens
  • stitch-bonded nonwovens type Maliwatt
  • stitch-bonded nonwovens type Malivlies, Kunit, Multiknit
  • spacer needle-punched nonwovens
  • nonwoven composites
  • nonwovens from high performance fibers (carbon, aramid, glass, metal, basalt
  • nonwovens made of regrowing raw materials, like hemp, flax, abaca, nettle, sisal, coconut, jute, kenaf, kapok
  • application-oriented product development
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