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STFI is the coordinator of the futureTEX-project within the programme “Twenty20 – Partnership for Innovation” of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Companies, scientific institutions and associations work together to develop a future-oriented German textile industry based on its roots as a traditional branch. As a supporting pillar of the German textile industry, the focus is on the high-value added segments of technical textiles. The emphasis is on innovative disruptive product innovations, modern forms of organization as well as effective and efficient production methods. These require a high level of R&D competence and enable a strong differentiation from the competition.

futureTEX research and test area “Textile Factory of the Future”

Within the scope of the project, a sector-specific research and test area will be set up for the partners of the consortium. Two demonstration lines, networked production and self-optimizing production systems, form the research and test area "Textile Factory of the Future" and support the industry in its transformation into the age of digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Bundling of competences means that missing resources, e.g. for R&D capacities, digitization or know-how for market placement, are offset by cooperation with research institutes. The research and test area counters the high risk particularly for medium-sized textile companies. Topics of digitization are made transparent, experienceable and tested in the interplay between SMEs and research.

Research focus “Production Management”

The research and test area also leads to new research areas for the institute. Within the framework of production management, value-added processes and industrial service-creation processes are planned, organized, implemented and monitored.

The research focus is on the production organization and the digitization of textile production.

Research is currently done in the field of production organization with the main focus on

  • Efficiency increase in production (e.g. Lean Management)
  • Innovation management (e.g. Open Innovation)

as well as the digitization of textile production in the sectors

  • Usage of wireless communication technologies (Auto-ID, RTLS, etc.)
  • Information technology assistance systems.
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