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Lab-scale coating and finishing plant
Reverse roll coater

Lab-scale coating and finishing plant

Application procedure

  • direct coating/transfer coating (air, roll or rubber doctor)
  • laminating Station
  • spraying
  • padding
  • reverse roll coating
  • digital printing and coating system Jetronica Fabricoater
  • slot die coating Technology
  • corona pretreatment

Drying system/cross-linking systems

  • convection drying
  • IR pre- and post drying
  • UV-curing 180 – 450 nm with UV-LED, Hg-medium pressure lamp and iron-doped Hg-medium pressure lamp


working width

40-500 mm

machine speed

0.1-5 m/min

drying temperature

25-230 °C

drying length

1.5 m


max. 6 bar



Flatbed laminating plant

Flatbed laminating plant with powder scatterer

working width

10-800 mm

working speed

0.1-20 m/min

temperature range

25-240 °C

pressure (calender)

0-7 bar

heating zone/cooling zone

each 2 m length



Hotmelt laminating and coating machine

Multi-purpose hotmelt laminating and coating machine with corona pretreatment and various engraved rollers

working width

300-800 mm

working speed

0.5-20 m/min

application volume

5-350 g/m²


2000-80000 mPas


Twin-screw compounder noris-ZSC 25

twin-screw compounder noris-ZSC 25

screw length (L/D) 36

0 – 300 °C application temperature
3 x solid and 1 x liquid dosing system
1 – 40 kg/h throughput
strand cooling trough, air drying and granulator


vacuum drying oven

Functional printing - Application procedure

Filament-extruder for application of thermoplastic filaments

3D-printing system for partial functionalisation of textiles

3 interchangeable application Units:

filament extruder for application of thermoplastic filaments

micro needle valve for application of thermoplastics in different forms

cartridge dispenser for application of waterborne and UV-curable dispersions and pastes


printing area 700 mm x 1200 mm

printing height bis 130 mm

temperature range up to 256°C (Dispenser up to 230 °C)

UV-LED 385 nm

Jetronica Fabricoater

roll-to-roll digital printing and coating system Jetronica Fabricoater

with three spray-on-demand printheads for a coating width up to 350 mm and ink viscosities up to 500 mPas

Ring slot die coating technology for yarn finishing

Ring slot for yarn finishing (FMP Technology GmbH)

Ring slot die coating technology for finishing and functionalisation of individual yarns with water-based coating systems

Die diameter 0,5 mm

Slot size 0,1 – 0,5 mm


Convection dryer

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