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Abrasion fabric in accordance to
DIN EN ISO 12947-1

STFI offers special abrasion fabric ordered by the automotive industry. This special fabric fulfills the requirements of abrasion media in accordance to DIN EN ISO 12947-1:2007-04 "Textiles - Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method" and allows furthermore narrow tolerances of yarn densities.

The fabric is named STFI-MD-100 and the price is 52,50 € (net) per running meter (fabric width 150 cm). Shipping is done in pieces of 5 m length. Additionally to the material costs, shipping costs per packaging unit has to be considered (minimum 7,00 € for national shipping and minimum 18,00 € for international shipping).


Please forward your written order to:


Institut für Technische Textilien GmbH


Alternatively an online order form is available.

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