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Certification Department for Protective Textiles - Notified Body No. 0516

The Notified Body at STFI combines a team of experienced textile engineers, scientists of other specialist areas, technicians and lab assistants.


The activities of all members of the Notified Body are focussed on:


  • competent consultancy for companies in all steps of testing and certification
  • active work in national and international committees for standardization and knowledge transfer
  • ongoing improvement of test equipment and competence in testing
  • immediate use of newly gained knowledge in assessing protective textiles and clothing

Member of the European Exchange of Experience of Notified Bodies

In 1994, the "Zentralstelle der Länder für Sicherheitstechnik" accredited the Certification Department at the STFI. In November 2014, the accreditation was prolonged.

The accreditation includes product certification of Personal Protective Equipment as well as monitoring of Category III products according to module C2 of the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425. As Notified Body No. 0516, Certification Department certifies all essential types of protective clothing and gloves.

The Accreditation for Type Examinations includes

  • Protective clothing for workers exposed to heat (EN ISO 11612)
  • Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes (EN ISO 11611)
  • Protective clothing with limited flame spread (EN ISO 14116)
  • Protective clothing against thermal risks of an electrical arc (ICE 61482-series)
  • Protective clothing for fire fighters (EN 469, EN 13911)
  • High visibility warning clothing (EN ISO 20471, EN 1150)
  • Protective clothing for rescue service personnel (DGUV-R 105-003)
  • Protective clothing against rain (EN 343)
  • Protective clothing against cool environments (EN 14058)
  • Protective clothing against cold (EN 342)
  • Chemical protective clothing; Type 3, 4, 5, 6 (EN 14605, EN ISO 13982-1, EN 13034)
  • Protective clothing against radioactive contamination (EN 1073-2)
  • Protective clothing against pesticides (DIN 32781)
  • Protective clothing with antistatic properties (EN 1149-Serie)
  • Protective clothing for use where there is a risk of entanglement with moving parts (EN 510)
  • Work wear in food business (DIN 10524)
  • Protective gloves against mechanical and thermal risks (EN 388, EN 407)
  • Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms (EN 374)
  • Protective gloves for fire fighters (EN 659)
  • Protective gloves for welders (EN 12477)
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