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Protective textiles against laser radiation

  • development of a standardizable test method for laser protective textiles (clothing and gloves) together with Laser Zentrum Hannover
  • development of innovative textiles with high protective effects against laser radiation in close cooperation with producers of protective clothing

Development of materials with high-performance fibres

High performance fibres have been successfully established in many application areas. The term “high performance fibre” must not lead to the conclusion that each of these fibres (glass, carbon, basalt) can be a solution for every application.

To demonstrate the suitability for a specific application, STFI developed application-oriented test methods. Thus, material developments can be performed with high-performance fibres in a targeted manner.

Testing of safety nets and air cargo nets

A test rig to carry out reproducible and application oriented tests of several net structures has been developed and assembled at STFI.

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