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Special testing

Testing of Composites

In the year 2014 the testing equipment at the STFI was enhanced by the possibility to determine mechanical parameters for composites and included in the accreditation.

For this, a tensile testing machine for tensile forces up to 250 kN was installed lately. The attached hydraulic fasteners („body over wedge“- principle) are specifically designed for tensile tests with composites. The adjustment of different testing tools allows a quick adaption to further testing types like pressure or bending tests.

The measurement of deformation is realised by a high-precision universally applicable extensometer. If required, the deformation can also be determined by strain gauges. A novelty with this machine is a temperature chamber for tensile tests within a temperature range from -70 °C to +250 °C.

Net testing device

accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005-08:


  • determination of stress-strain behaviour of large-area and/or customized net-like structures by a vertically applied load by means of different test bodies up to 24 t
  • application areas:
    • safety nets
    • air-cargo safety nets

Filter testing

  • different test rigs are used in dependence on the filter application, such as depth filter or cleanable filter medium
  • determination of characteristic filter parameters:
    • pressure difference of new material at different flow rates
    • tests according to VDI 3926
    • tests according to DIN EN 779
    • fractional filtration efficiency
    • dust storage capacity
    • analysis of pore size distribution
  • variable settings of process parameters
  • variation of dust concentration, flow rate, cleaning pressure, cleaning time and number of cycles for customized test procedures and test procedures conform to standards
  • ageing behaviour in accordance to VDI 3926
  • test device for pore size analysis to determine the “bubble point”, the average and the smallest pore size of materials and determination of pore size distribution without quicksilver in a range of 15 nm up to 300 µm

Standards repository

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