The main objective of the project is to develop novel polymer metal composites with superior adhesion behaviour between the metal and the textile surface leading to extreme light weight structures with interesting acoustic features and insulating behaviour.


Light weight structures often show a bad acoustic behaviour caused by their thin construction and lack of mass for damping. Therefore several ideas were tested to improve the sound absorption to increase the acoustic feature. The combination of different materials seems to be especially promising. There is only the bottle neck of inherent bad adhesion between metal and polymer material, which requires strong gluing material.


The application of an atmospheric plasma treatment to create a micro/nano-structure of the metal surface improves the adhesion behaviour drastically. So a bond between different materials will become possible without any glue.


For the solution of the problem, three different basic textile fabric constructions (nonwoven, woven and knitted/warp knitted structure) will be investigated in combination with 3 different sheet metal structures to create completely new functional multi-material designs, so called hybrid structures, which fulfil the requirements of an interesting acoustic and insulating behaviour.




Development of Metal-Textile-Composites with Improved Adhesion Behaviour

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77 EBR/1

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24 months

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