The objective of the project ProGeo2 is the development of a new mobile technology for the production of super coarse ropes made of renewable natural materials (hay, straw) on-site directly on the field. These ropes will be used as erosion protecting geotextiles for embankments and slopes. New application fields of such systems will be tested and evaluated. These include hydraulic engineering, drainage and soil reinforcement. ProGeo2 will connect to the forerunner project ProGeo with the continuation of the field tests of installed geotextile to collect sufficient data of several vegetation periods for the evaluation of their performance regarding stabilization effect, greening behaviour and degradability.


The project addresses the need of enhanced protection of embankments and slopes due to the problem of increased numbers of erosions triggered by frequent storms and floods in the recent years. Furthermore, the trend to natural and sustainable products boosts the exploitation of unused raw material, which is also done in ProGeo2 with the processing of currently unused straw and hay from landscape maintenance.

Innovation and expected results

The innovation of ProGeo2 lies in the development of a mobile production technique for geotextile systems. For this purpose harvesting technologies of the agricultural mechanical engineering sector will be combined with textile processes. The expected results are the construction, the design and development of a new mobile plant technology with suitable self-sufficient energy supply and material pre-treatment unit. Furthermore, the geotextiles will be optimized for their application in the hydraulic engineering sector to ensure immediate and effective protection of the river banks, flood embankments, dikes and dams.


The processing of the project is carried out in three main steps:

  1. The development of a new mobile plant concept, with the German applicant STFI as responsible partner.
  2. The development of new application fields (hydraulic engineering, drainage and soil reinforcement) for super coarse geotextiles, with the Polish applicant ATH as responsible partner.
  3. The continuation of the field tests started in the forerunner project in joint responsibility of STFI and ATH.

Potential applications and economic impact

The potential applications and economic impact of the project results are seen mainly in the sector of technical textiles, geotextiles, agricultural mechanical engineering, construction and landscape maintenance. Worldwide technical textiles have an amount of 25 % of the total textile production; in Europe, it is about 30 % and in Germany about 50 %.

The R&D results will be made available to the companies, which can further tune them to their needs, assisted by all project partners. ProGeo2 results are expected to allow the companies to get knowledge on new mobile production technologies of geotextiles and guidelines for their installation also in the new application fields. The companies will be able to enter new markets (construction sector, hydraulic engineering, and agricultural sector), resulting in an increased turnover, number of employees and profit.


Geotextiles from Sustainable Raw Materials and Textile Waste, New Mobile Production Technology and New Application Fields in Drainage and Hydraulic Engineering

Call Identifier:

20th Cornet Call

Project Start Date:

January, 1st 2017

Project Duration

24 months


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