The project will focus on textile materials which are highly mechanically resistant and designed for protective gloves and other protective products. Aim of the project is to develop a fabric with functionalized surface through 3D raster-pattern coating that combines multiple functional properties together: protection against mechanical risks (such as cutting and stabbing), flame retardancy, secure anti-slippery surface together with optimal comfort concerning tactility, soft handle and good breathability. As application area, the project is directed on the technologically most demanding segment of protective gloves.


To protect workers and persons involved in related sectors against cut and stab injuries, suitable personal protective equipment is required. Above all in the glass and metal processing industries, the waste management sector or at state authorities (such as police or emergency personnel) the requirements for protective textiles in the area of cut and stab protection are increasing more and more concerning their complexity. Currently, for those applications only insufficient solutions with a heavy and inflexible multilayered structure with less wearing comfort are available. Required is the increase of the protection level in combination with good tactile and physiological properties.


The major challenge for the development, production and optimization of the textile fabric protecting against multiple mechanical hazards is to find a fabric construction that combines best flexibility and dexterity by a high level of protection, optimal parameters of thermo-physiological comfort (breathability, air permeability etc.), skin-friendliness and a good anti-slippery effect of the surface. Further goals are to give a technology proposal for the roll-to-roll coat and to develop a coating design in a functional manner customized to the function and depending on the protection level and sewing pattern. For the first time, the innovative approach will be to apply the coating customized concerning function, protection level and adapted to the cutting patterns, i.e. only on those sections of the clothing where body parts like arms, thighs or abdomen are exposed to mechanical impacts.

Expected results

Based on the current state of the art, textile fabrics (woven and knitted), suitable coating recipes and designs for the 3D raster-pattern coating to improve the protection level and to maintain the flexibility of the protective materials as well as the elaboration of technological solutions for a continuous 3D raster-pattern coating with flatbed or rotary screen printing are developed.


3D Raster-pattern Coating of Technical Woven and Knitted Fabrics for Stabbing and Cutting Protection

Call Identifier:

21st CORNET Call

Project Start Date:

January, 1st 2017

Project Duration

24 months


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