• developing improved test methods for evaluating the life-time and remaining strength of high strength textiles used for securing applications taking into account the real conditions of usage
  • improve the resistance of the textile structure towards influences like UV/ sunlight, heat, humidity or abrasion by applying functionalised textile coatings and finishes using resource efficient techniques,
  • develop and integrate a detection system for the remaining strength of the textile structure.


High strength textiles in form of ropes, belts, nets, fabrics are used in specific applications for protecting/securing objects or people. Examples are securing of cargo, ladders, people on construction sites, heavy weight lifting belts & nets, and other applications like mountaineering ropes and parachute strings. Up to now no systematic method exists for assessing the degree of aging simulating real use (i.e. under heavy load) and to predict when to replace the textile components. Existing standards evaluate the unused condition of the product. Replacement of the products is done after an estimated period of time or because of visible destructions of the textile structure.


An innovative aspect of this project approach is that the ageing test methods will be performed using different sets of combined environmental influences and to test the materials under real life conditions (for instance with respect to load). Secondly the use of a detection system to assess the degree of ageing and thus predict the end of life is a new and assuring way to deal with these materials. The user committees involved in this project are including textile producers from the various applications in which high strength textiles are used.

Expected results

  • Measuring the load bearing capability in a realistic way,
  • Reliable methods for simulating ageing,
  • Detection system for indicating end-of-life/failure of the textile,
  • Improving the resistance of high strength textiles to ageing and conditions of use using resource friendly coating and finishing technologies.


Resource-efficient coating technologies for improved durability of hight strength textiles with special safety relevance

Call Identifier:

15th Cornet Call

Project Start Date:

January, 1st 2014

Project Duration

24 months


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