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Qualification and Further Training

The Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V. offers courses for qualification or further training of your employees in different modules.

Especially, if your company is specialised, it can be of interest to get to know and experience other textile sub-areas directly – theoretically and practically. Depending on the scope and content, the courses are conducted as basic or advanced courses. Participants receive extensive training and information material.

The theoretical approach takes place in modernly equipped consultation rooms, the practical realisation and demonstrations are carried out directly on the systems or in the laboratories.

Our courses

Select the appropriate course below. To process your registration, you will be forwarded to the booking portal of our service provider futureTEX Management GmbH.

(Note: All courses are currently only available in German)


Jens Stopp | Head of Akademie
Technical woven and knitted Fabrics
+49 371 5274-0

Denise Braun
Functionalisation I Chemical
+49 371 5274-0

Stephan Neukirchner
Technical woven and knitted Fabrics
+49 371 5274-1315

Yves Schwarzmann
Functionalisation I Chemical Analytics
+49 371 5274-211

Mathias Kermer
Textile Testing
+49 371 5274-172

Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Zschenderlein
Manager Intelligent production systems, modelling and process management
+49 371 5274-283

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