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Chemical Analytics




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Functionalisation I Chemical Analytics

The aim of our basic and application-oriented research activities is the realisation of special functionalities of technical textiles. We mainly achieve this through the alteration or modification of surfaces or through combination of different textiles by coating, finishing, printing or lamination.

To support the textile industry with solutions to future challenges we focus on finding suitable materials and technical processes in order to realise products with certain (surface) properties: We therefore consider the influence of material structure itself as well as the multiple possibilities gained by combining different materials or functionalities. We try to establish energy- and resource-efficient procedures and to find ways to minimize the amounts of harmful substances in products and manufacturing processes.

Through close cooperation with industry, our joint ideas lead to customized product innovations that can be quickly established on the market.

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Your contact

Frank Siegel
Manager Functionalisation/Chem. analytics

Phone: +49 371 5274-265

Processes, Technologies, Products

  • Pre-treatment process
  • Coating/finishing processes
  • Printing and laser processes and structure development (2D and 3D)

Technical Equipment

  • Finishing Technical Centre
  • Laser Technical Centre


  • Textile chemical and human ecology testing
  • Tests according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Material characterisation

Ecology and Environmental Protection

  • Application of bio-based functional materials
  • Micro- and nanostructuring of textiles
  • Treatment of exhaust air and waste water

Research services

  • Product and process development for textile finishing and coating
  • Technology consulting and environmental protection consulting


  • Waterborne high viscosity coating systems
  • 100 % coating systems
  • Water-based low viscosity inks and finishes

Digitisation & Industrie 4.0

  • Networked production and robotics
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Data analysis



Fields of application



Research News

MeInPak – Development of sustainable, multi-layer and reprocessable PPE for a "reusable infection control package"

The aim of this joint project is the development of a multilayer material composite consisting of at least one filtering functional layer (meltblown nonwoven, foam coating or nanomembrane) in partial combination with each other or in combination with a textile. The developed composites are to be used to manufacture individually adapted protective masks and gowns that can be washed several times and comply with the PPE Ordinance and also dual use as a medical device.



Dr.-Ing. Frank Siegel
+49 371 5274-265

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Kunst und Technik

Lumotype – printing with light

"The combination of digital manufacturing technology with craftsmanship is unique, because the developed process gives the possibility to digitally process manually changeable, three-dimensional draped textile surfaces. As a result, the finished prints have a unique effect that changes depending on the viewing perspective and the incidence of light."

Dr.-Ing. Frank Siegel, Manager Functionalisation I Chemical Analytics at STFI

Under the title "Lumotype – Printing with Light," Madeleine Marquardt combines state-of-the-art UV laser technology with a 19th-century photogram technique called cyanotypy, thereby developing an innovative method for digital textile finishing.

(Image: Textile designs created with the lumotype technique; exhibition at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin)


Further projects


The objectives of the project are the development of conductive carbon black (carbon) and copper (copper) based formulations, which enable the generation of electrically conductive, dissipative and sensory structures on textile substrates and represent a significantly more cost-effective alternative to silver-based systems. In addition, the focus is on the development of single-layer and multilayer structures, taking into account textile-ink interaction and film formation between copper and carbon black layers.



Tobias Richter, M. Sc
+49 371 5274-285

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Completed Projects




NanoHyb – Hybrid Textile Structures
based on Nanofibres with Barrier Effects
against Bacteria and Viruses


Dr. M. Gültner

Schutzkleidungsmaterial für
Einsatzkräfte – Molotowcocktailschutz


Dr. M. Gültner

UV-vernetztes Kunstleder


Dr. R. Lungwitz

Multifunction 3D printing on textiles


T. Richter



D. Wenzel

Cooperations & Networks

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