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Building with textiles

Symposium BAUTEX

Geosynthetics – the invisible workers in the subsoil have developed over the last decades into an important element in innovative construction methods in earthworks and foundation engineering. Not only due to the many functions such as filtering, reinforcing, separating and sealing do they perform in a wide variety of applications. Positive practical experience in the use of geosynthetics, their constant further development and "equipping" with new functions also contribute to this. Not to forget: controlled, industrial production ensuring consistently high quality. This is further supported by the availability of a wide range of normative documents and regulations regarding quality, testing and performance specifications. With the proof of high durability and the associated longer service life, geosynthetics basically offer a perfect example of resource conservation and sustainability. Geosynthetics being in use means the amount of earthwork, soil replacement, transport routes and transport loads can be significantly reduced. This has a positive effect on the CO2 balance reducing costs of the entire construction project. And then? It becomes green! After the work's completion, a broad portfolio of erosion control products and greening aids made of natural and synthetic materials will be available.

Information on the event

Date24th and 25th January 2024
ScheduleDay one: 1:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Day two: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
VenueSächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V. (STFI)
Annaberger Straße 240
09125 Chemnitz
Students upon request
OthersThe conference fee includes the digital conference documents.

(This event will be held in German!)


Main topics of the event

  • Geotechnical practical examples (railway, road, hydraulic engineering, etc.)
  • Resource conservation/sustainability (carbon footprint, microplastics)
  • Erosion control/renaturation/biodegradability
  • Active geosynthetics for environmental protection

Inspire our guests with special innovations, highlights or even visionary approaches.

BAUTEX 2024 is aimed to increase collaboration between stakeholders from industry, research and education, but also representatives from administration and rule-making sectors.

Dates / Registration

24th and 25th January 2024 – 16th Symposium "BAUTEX"

Registration from November 2023

Experts on the subject

Dipl.-Ing. Marian Hierhammer
+ 49 371 5274-242

Organisation & Registration

Dipl.-Des. (FH) Berit Lenk
+49 371 5274-198

Kareen Pfab, M. A.
+49 371 5274-197

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