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© David Pinzer
© David Pinzer
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© ITM / TU Dresden

Aachen – Dresden – Denkendorf

International Textile Conference 2022

The Aachen - Dresden - Denkendorf International Textile Conference 2022 is one of the most important textile conferences in Europe. Connecting research and industry, it offers a concentrated exchange on the latest developments in the fields of textile chemistry, finishing and functionalization, textile machinery, processes and composites.

After a postponement of the conference in 2020 due to pandemic reasons and a successful virtual conference in 2021, this year's ADD-ITC will be held on-site at Eurogress Aachen from 1 - 2 December 2022. Sweden and Finland, as partner countries of the congress, will present themselves with papers from industry, research and associations, providing a comprehensive picture of the textile landscape of the two Scandinavian countries.

In 20 plenary and keynote lectures as well as three parallel thematic sessions with a total of 36 'contributed talks' and up to 100 poster contributions, ADD-ITC 2022 will be dedicated to central challenges of the textile future.

The conference programme includes sessions on the following topics:

  • Sustainability in the textile industry
  • Future of textile production
  • Textiles for Medicine & Health
  • Smart Textiles & Fashion
  • Textiles – Past & Future
  • Technology transfer (ZIM projects in the textile sector)
  • Textile developments by start-ups

As a highlight of the program, fashion put together especially for the conference will be presented at the fashion show 'Rise!', featuring the best graduates from the design departments of German universities, making the transformation to a sustainable and fair industry visible with an inspiring fashion show. Trendsetting design, technical innovations, sustainability and diversity are staged in multimedia by the team of Neo.Fashion. and Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences.

Our colleague Christopher Albe from Textile Lightweight Engineering at STFI will give a presentation on the "CarboDesize" project, in which a functional and economical method for desizing carbon fibers from the recyclable chain using inductive alternating fields was developed and technologically implemented. The research project and current results will be presented by him and his project partners.

In addition, the STFI will present the following 12 posters:

  • Development of hap bioceramics with anisotropic pore structure using textile manufacturing processes
  • Carbon-supported, multifunctional heating, reinforcement elements for parking garage access roads
  • Prefabricated, textile reinforced joint areas for streetcar tracks
  • Facade panel with textured surface
  • Development of a passive sound insulation system using acoustically effective textiles
  • Multi-adaptive low energy greenhouse system – development of a thermal blind for greenhouses from spacer fabrics
  • Multifunction 3d printing on textiles
  • Partially reinforced organic sheets based on rcf nonwovens
  • Sustainable sleeping – development of nonwoven-based insulating layers for sleeping bags
  • UV curing: An ecofriendly and resource efficient technology for textile industry
  • VliesSMC – Processing of recycled carbon fiber nonwovens in sheet molding compound
  • Wood-textile-folded structures – folded structures made of textile carrier with rigid applications

The Aachen - Dresden - Denkendorf International Textile Conference 2022 is organised by DWI - Leibniz-Institut für Interaktive Materialien, Aachen and the Deutschen Institut für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf (DITF), Denkendorf as well the Textile Machinery and High Performance Technology of the TU Dresden, ITM with its Friends and Sponsors of the TU Dresden e.V..

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