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Technical woven and knitted fabrics

Technical Equipment

For the production of textile surface and strand structures from threads, yarns or rovings, the STFI's machine park covers the most important manufacturing processes. Textiles can be woven, knitted, embroidered and braided. In addition, STFI's machinery offers in-house manufacturing techniques such as the Kemafil® process, a strand manufacturing process, or a diagonal (thread) guiding element with which multiaxial knitted structures suitable for stitch courses can be produced. Another component is the expansion or construction of special machines based on customer requirements.

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Elke Thiele
Manager Technical woven and knitted fabrics

Phone: +49 371 5274-243


Flyshot loom SL 1/150

  • MAGEBA-Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Narrow fabric loom for special technical articles single weft insertion for selvedges and tubular fabrics woven on both sides
  • Parallel loom sley guidance with 2 shooter levels (max. possible fabric width 300mm)
Working width150 mm
Working speed20 – 120 pick/min
Weft density20 – 200 pick/cm

Further narrow fabric looms:

Belt loom Type 60

Working width3 x 60 mm
Shafts3 x 6

Belt loom NCE 1/365

Working width360 mm



  • Schönherr Stäubli Group, Chemnitz
  • 3D Spacer weaving machine for the production of flat, spacer and multilayer fabrics from high-performance yarns


Working width1048 mm
Working speed100 rpm
Pile thread height5-60 mm
  • Jakob Müller AG, Frick, Schweiz
  • Weaving machine for the production of "MultiSphere" rope fabrics
Rope diameter1 – 20 mm
Number of weft threads per cm3 – 45
  • KARL MAYER Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Obertshausen
  • Circular loom for variable diameter
Diameter range20 – 85 cm
Working speed720 Strokes/min
Weft density20 – 75 / 10 cm


Warp knitting

Warp knitting machine DNB/EL-32

  • COMEZ INTERNATIONAL s.r.l., Cilavegna PV, Italien
  • Electronic double-fronted (RR) warp knitting machine for the production of technical articles
  • Equipped with a multiaxial guide bar with which reinforced textiles can be produced at any angle
Working width810 mm
Gauge10 Needles/inch
Working speedmax. 450 Stitch rows/minute

Further RR knitting machines:

Coarse knitting machine Jakob Müller Grobe GWM

Working width1200 mm
Gauge36 T

 RR Net knitting machine Jakob Müller GWM

Working width1200 mm
Gauge5 T

Spacer knitting machine MDK-80

Working width800 mm



  • KARL MAYER Textilmaschinen GmbH, Obertshausen
  • For the production of high-performance network structures
Working width1270 mm

Further RL knitting machines:

Biaxial machine RM4 VS

Working width1850 mm

Crochet galloon machine Raschelina RD3MT2

Working width420 mm

Super coarse knitting machine

Working width1600 mm

Nonwoven raschel RS-3-MSUS

  • KARL MAYER Malimo Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Chemnitz
  • Composite knitted fabrics are created by combining a fed nonwoven fabric with a reinforcement of knitted weft yarns
  • The weft threads can also be laid in the direction of the row of stitches with the help of a magazine weft insertion
Working width4470 mm
Number of main guide bar2
Number of pattern guide bar1


ADF 530 32 W

  • KARL MAYER STOLL Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Obertshausen
  • Flat knitting machine for near-net-shape single knits
  • 32 individually controllable linear yarn guides moving independently of the carriage
  • Plating technique, inlay technique and weft insertion can be carried out without converting the yarn guides
  • Electronically controlled yarn feed via storage feeders
  • Feeding of high bulk yarns, electrically conductive materials, fine to coarse weft yarns
  • Segmented take-down system for multi-part knitting in one operation
Working width1270 mm

Further flat knitting machines:

Flat knitting machine CMS 740 by KARL MAYER STOLL

Working width1830 mm


  • Terrot GmbH, Chemnitz
  • Large circular embroidery machine for the production of form-fitting technical textiles for vehicle construction, aviation, ballistic textiles, etc.
Diameter of cylinder450 mm
GaugeE24 (E18)
System number30
Number of needles4356 (1020)
Binding possibilitiesInterlock, Fine Rib, Piqué with Tuck, Double Face and Spacer
Individual stitch adjustment of rib dial and cylinder needles
Elastane feeding and plating options

Further circular knitting machines:

Small circular knitting machine, single-system

Diameter76 mm

Small circular knitting machine, single-system

Diameter127 mm

 Small circular knitting machine, six-system

Diameter254 mm


Combination embroidery machine JGVA-0109-550

  • ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH, Krefeld
  • Combination embroidery machine JGZA with sequin device, two feeding systems for applying different sensors in one pattern
Embroidery field550 x 600 mm

Further embroidery machines:

Embroidery machine SGW 0100 - 800

  • with W-head for the application of functional materials such as optical monofilaments, metal wires and carbon or glass fibre rovings

Single motif embroidery machine Typ JAF 0115- 500


Rope braiding machine SENG 1-16-120

  • Herzog GmbH, Oldenburg
  • Braiding machine with separable body for technical braids and ropes
  • Central core inlet and warp thread feed
Working width5 – 25 mm
Number of chaffs16 chaffs
Bobbin size63 x 200 mm
Working speed200 UpM

Further braiding machines:

Braiding machine Achterbahn



Fields of application



Research News


Instead of classical, non-degradable and thus durable implant materials, biomedicine is increasingly using bioresorbable materials enabling defect regeneration and supporting the body in self-healing. In the case of bone defects, calcium phosphate bioceramics are advantageous because their chemical composition is close to the mineral phase of the bone matrix – hydroxyapatite (HAP). Since bone tissue is highly anisotropic in structure, research is concentrating on the development of anisotropic bone substitute elements. The focus is on variably dimensionable implants with pore structures that not only allow ingrowth of cells and tissue, but also access by blood capillaries. The aim of this research project was to develop such an implant using textile technology processes.



Dipl.-Phys. Nadine Liebig
+49 371 5274-271

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Art and Technology


Experimental sample of the master's thesis "KOMPLEMENTÄR" (© Theresa Kretsch)
Experimental sample of the master's thesis "KOMPLEMENTÄR" (© Theresa Kretsch)

"In her artistic works, Theresa has shown how wonderfully one can achieve completely new colour effects in the textile surface with only three different yarn colours. The variation of these yarns in arrangement density and layer makes interesting 3D knits possible. You do not need an infinite number of different coloured yarns to bring a great variety of colours into the surface."

Elke Thiele, Manager Technical woven and knitted fabrics at STFI

Under the title "KOMPLEMENTÄR" ("COMPLEMENTARY"), Theresa Kretsch carried out investigations of colour effects in interaction with the structures of knitted fabrics – the STFI supported her in this project. Theresa Kretsch dealt with the effects of the stitch pattern and the properties of the yarn on reflection, absorption and transmission of light in knitted fabrics. She found that the combination of construction-related effects (moire and traversing) with colour effects of complementary contrasts (increase of luminosity / grey formation / flickering) creates knitted fabrics with a holographic effect. The knitted fabrics form a new thematic field in textile design through the way they combine material, structure, effect and dimension.

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