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For you and the quality of your products – The range of our services

The independent, accredited testing laboratory offers customers a wide range of testing services. The core of our range of services is the testing according to national and international standards, recognized standards for product labels (OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100), technical delivery conditions or industry-specific regulations (SAE).

Beginning with the starting materials such as fibres and threads are also taken into account as well as semi-finished textile products as woven, nonwoven knitted, braided or composites structures. The test of final products as a "system test" (e.g. personal protective equipment or load securing) complete this part of the range of services.

Individual products require individual solutions. Here we support customers with the characterization and quality assessment of their products for which no normative specifications are available. Through the interdisciplinary cooperation of various test competencies (textile physics, chemical analysis, electrostatics ...) we try to transfer, adapt or develop new methods – development of test procedures.

What if the quality is questioned? To this end, we offer you a large pool of interdisciplinary skills for independent, neutral quality assessment of textile products - analytical competence. We are constantly working on expanding our range of services. New and special - here we report on newly introduced test methods. These are normative methods or modifications of already integrated procedures.


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Your contact

Marian Hierhammer
Manager Accredited Test Lab

Phone: +49 371 5274-242

Scope of accreditation (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018)

DAkkS Accreditation Certificate (D-PL-11239-01-00)

The test methods listed in the annex to the accreditation certificate reflect the status at the time the documents were issued. The accredited test lab is permitted to carry out tests according to different issue dates of the listed standards or equivalent testing methods, without being required to inform and obtain prior approval from DAkkS (flexibilization Cat. III or A).

For the fields of expertise of textile physical testing (PT), colour fastness testing (PF), special optical and physical investigations (PM), special testing methods (PSo) and testing of personal protective equipment (PSA), the test lab is flexible accredited with regard to the choice of standards or equivalent testing methods as well as the modification or development and refinement of testing methods within a defined testing area (extension of the scope of accreditation without being required to inform and obtain prior approval from DAkkS: Cat. I and II or C).

The scope of accreditation is therefore only shown as an example in the corresponding annex to the DAkkS accreditation certificate.

A complete overview of all test methods within the scope of accreditation can be found here:

*(Issue Date: 04/2024)

Our trained experts are at your disposal at any time, also for services beyond the scope of accreditation. In addition to numerous other tests in accordance with standards, technical regulations and specifications, we are happy to support you in customising test methods according to your specific requirements.

Please visit our test services or submit your specific request via our contact form or your personal contact in the fields of expertise.


Our Test Services

  • Test procedure carried out by STFI
  • Search for standards and request offers
  • Contact

Information and consulting

  • Training
  • Research for standards
  • Development/revision of test instructions and test standards
  • Definition and implementation of technical delivery conditions

Fields of expertise

  • Contact persons and fields of expertise
  • Inquiries of testing or standards
  • Request offers

Development of test procedures

  • Information about the development of test procedures
  • Examples & Contact

OEKO-TEX®-Test lab

  • Co-opted institute for tests according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100
  • Testing of harmful substances on textiles
  • Advice on ecological problems in connection with textile technology process
  • Contact

New & special

  • New test procedures in the STFI
  • Customised tests
  • Tests for special applications



Analytical competence

  • Fibre and quality analysis
  • Research for standards
  • Development/revision of test instructions and test standards



Cooperations & Networks

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