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Faszination Textil

Center of Excellence in Nonwovens

Fibre Preparation & Yarn Production

The focus of yarn development is material testing of natural fibers of predominantly plant origin. One full-stage short stack line for tape, yarn and twisted thread production is available for this purpose. Fiber quality is determined and evaluated in original state as well as according to individual process stages.

Functionalized special fiber variants as well as fibers from various recycling processes are examined with regard to their suitability for staple fiber spinning process.

For optimal use of property potentials of reinforcement fibers, main focus lies on structures oriented for fiber composite construction. For this purpose, carded strand and tape structures are developed as textile semi-finished products.

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Patrick Engel, M. Sc.
Manager Center of Excellence in Nonwovens

Phone: +49 371 5274-209



Fibre Preparation & Yarn Production

  • Preparation of natural fibres, functionalised special fibres and recycled fibres
  • Sliver and yarn development (short staple spinning)
  • Quality assessment of fibres, intermediate and end products

Spinning plant technology

  • MDTA-4 for determination of trash and dust content
  • Blow room (mixed bale opener, step cleaner, horizontal opener)
  • Roller card, flat card each with sliver deposit into the can
Processable fibre length30 to 100 mm
  • Autoleveller
  • Flyer
  • Ring spinning tester
  • OE spinning unit
Processable fibre lengthup to 50 mm
ProcessesRing spinning (Siro, compact or core unit), OE spinning, ring twisting, spooling



Your contact

Dipl.-Ing./Dipl.-WI Ina Sigmund
+49 371 5274-203

Fibre preparation and quality assessment, sliver and yarn production


Oriented strand-like structures from recycled carbon fibres

Based on the research results of the STFI regarding the reuse of recycled carbon fibres in different nonwoven structures, further investigations were carried out on better fibre orientation in MD direction:

  • Development and production of slivers
  • Subsequent inline consolidation to form secondary rovings
  • Development and production of doubled and stretched staple fibre webs
  • Subsequent thermal bonding to form tape structures

Your contact

Dipl.-Ing./Dipl.-WI Ina Sigmund
+49 371 5274-203




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