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Certification Department for PPE

The Notified Body at STFI combines a team of experienced textile engineers, scientists of other specialist areas, technicians and lab assistants.

The activities of all members of the Notified Body are focussed on:

  • Competent consultancy for companies in all steps of testing and certification
  • Ongoing improvement of test equipment and competence in testing
  • Immediate use of newly gained knowledge in assessing protective textiles and clothing

Any questions?

Your contact

Hendrik Beier
Head of Certification Department for PPE

Phone: +49 371 5274-184

Certification goes green

If the Certification Department for Protective Textiles at STFI e. V. issues technical certificates and EU-type examination certificates for around 300 textile materials and protective clothing collections per year, also 300 special films are used for the lamination of the front page. But partly inspired by discussions with some of our customers, we considered whether there might be a potential to reduce our CO2 footprint and avoiding the use of plastic?

We think YES…!

Therefore, we really hope for your understanding about our decision not longer to laminate our EU type-examination certificates starting with the 1st January 2022. But from this point on and again with your kind support we would like to go one step further and provide you the certification documents in a digital form only.

Member of the European Exchange of Experience of Notified Bodies

The certification body of the STFI was accredited in 1994 by the Central Office of the Federal States for Safety Engineering (ZLS). In 2019, the German Accreditation Body GmbH (DAkkS) re-accredited the body with a certificate that is now valid indefinitely. To fulfil the upcoming tasks, since July 2017 we are also notified as Certification Department in accordance with PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

The notification includes both certification of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supervision of products of risk category III against hazards with very significant consequences for health/life.





The accreditation for type examinations includes

  • Protective clothing for workers exposed to heat (EN ISO 11612)
  • Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes (EN ISO 11611)
  • Protective clothing with limited flame spread (EN ISO 14116)
  • Protective clothing against thermal risks of an electrical arc (IEC 61482-Serie)
  • Protective clothing for fire fighters (EN 469, EN 13911)
  • High visibility warning clothing (EN ISO 20471, EN 17353)
  • Protective clothing for rescue service personnel (DGUV-Regulation 105-003)
  • Protective clothing against rain (EN 343)
  • Protective clothing against cool environments (EN 14058)
  • Protective clothing against cold (EN 342)
  • Chemical protective clothing; Type 3, 4, 5, 6 (EN 14605, EN ISO 13982-1, EN 13034 )
  • Protective clothing against radioactive contamination (EN 1073-2)
  • Protective clothing against pesticides (DIN 32781)
  • Protective clothing-Antistatic properties (EN 1149-Serie)
  • Protective clothing for use where there is a risk of entanglement with moving parts (EN 510)
  • Workwear in food business (DIN 10524)
  • Protective gloves against mechanical and thermal risks (EN 388, EN 407)
  • Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms (EN ISO 374-1)
  • Protective gloves for fire fighters (EN 659)
  • Protective gloves for welders (EN 12477)
  • Protective gloves for electrostatic properties (EN 16350)

Specialist Certifier

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marion Dixneit
Deputy Manager of Certification Department

Heat and welding protective clothing, protective clothing against electrical arc and chemical protective clothing
+49 371 5274-189


Daniela Beck
Heat and welding protective clothing
+49 371 5274-260


Dipl.-Ing. Linda Müller
Heat and welding protective clothing
+49 371 5274-261


Theresa Pietschmann, B. Sc.
Heat and welding protective clothing
+49 371 5274-277


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Berit Böhme
Heat and welding protective clothing, protective clothing against electrical arc
+49 371 5274-170


René Beyer
Special protective clothing against electrical arc
+49 371 5274-207


Dipl.-Ing. Sibylle Fritzsche
Special protective gloves
+49 371 5274-169


Safety by


and continuing education

The Certification Departmernt at STFI offers you extensive options for customised seminars on the topic of "Personal Protective Equipment", depending on the scope and content as a one-day or multi-day event.

In order to successfully operate in the field of Personal Protective Equipment, information about the content and importance of current harmonized standards is a key success factor. The knowledge about regulations and rules, basic requirements to protective clothing as well as the regularly changing normative requirements for the products, up to essential test methods are equally important for manufacturers and fabric suppliers. Whether as an in-house seminar at your premises or as an event at our premises, the training content is tailored to the wishes and needs of your company. At seminars at the STFI, the theoretical explanations are backed up with practical demonstrations directly on the test equipment in the laboratories. Of course, each participant receives comprehensive training and information material.

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