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Technical woven and

Knitted fabrics



Technical textiles are used in almost every area of our daily life-, for example in the automotive, sports and medical industries, in the agricultural and geotextile sectors, in protective equipment and other fields of application. Innovative woven and knitted fabrics make a major contribution here, with properties individually adapted to the task in hand. Our team of scientists and technicians develops new and innovative solutions for the demands placed on technical woven and knitted fabrics, both in publicly funded projects and on behalf of our partners. Starting with the selection of suitable materials as well as textile technologies, over the development of the textile construction up to the production of prototypes, we are at your disposal.

We are looking forward to your exciting tasks, technical discussions as well as a goal-oriented technical cooperation with you.

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Your contact

Elke Thiele
Manager Technical woven and knitted fabrics

Phone: +49 371 5274-243

Processes, Technologies, Products

  • Production of textile fabrics: weaving, warp knitting, knitting
  • Production of textile ropes: cable weaving, braiding, KEMAFIL®-Technology
  • Functionalisation: embroidery, tailored fiber placement, weaving, warp knitting, knitting


  • Development of testing methods and machines
  • Combined development from technical textiles to testing
  • Performance of special tests


Textile recycling

  • Sustainable, life-cycle optimised textiles
  • Upcycling (upgrading of recycled materials)


Technical Equipment

  • Machines for producing textile fabrics
  • Machines for producing textile ropes
  • Textile machine design


Functionalisation/Chem. Analytics

  • Surface functionalisation
  • Textile composite structures & chemical analytics
  • Textile-technological integration of sensor technology, light, media guidance


Research services

  • Contract research
  • Advice on and support of funded research projects
  • Advice on product, machine and technology development

Smart Technical Textiles

  • Integration of sensors & actuators in textiles
  • Structural functions in textiles (e.g. auxetic structures)
  • Biocompatible structures (e.g. textiles for the environment)

Digitisation & Industrie 4.0

  • Machine & plant interlinking
  • CAD modelling of machines & textile structures
  • Data analysis



  • Fibres & Yarns
    • Natural fibres (e.g. cotton, hemp, coconut)
    • Man-made fibres (e.g. polyester, polypropylene, polyamide)
    • High performance fibres (e.g. Dyneema®, Aramid)
    • Mineral fibres (e.g. carbon, glass, basalt)
    • Conductive yarns (stainless steel wire, mixed yarns, silver-plated yarns)
  • Sensors & actuators
    • Electrically conductive (e.g. stainless steel wire, sensor foil)
    • Fibre optic material(e.g. polyester monofilament)
  • Non-textile materials
    • Wood
    • Hay
    • Straw
    • Sand
    • Gravel
    • Ceramics
    • Clay
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Fields of application



Research News

auXteX – Auxetik im Textil



The aim of the auXteX project is to develop new types of construction with auxetic textile structures that have improved mechanical property profiles. The efficiency of lightweight constructions is to be increased as a result.


  • Development of new textile structures using the auxetic construction principle (characteristic of auxetic system behaviour: enlargement of cross-sections under tensile load),
  • Development of new types of construction with auxetic textile structures that have improved mechanical property profiles
  • Combination of auxetic textile structures and shape memory alloys
  • Possible applications of auxetic textile-based meta materials in the fields of concrete construction, timber construction and protective clothing

Any questions?

Your contact

Dipl.-Ing. Elke Thiele
+49 371 5274-243

Dipl.-Ing. Corinna Falck
+49 371 5274-252


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Completed Projects




Begrünte Fassadenkacheln


J. Mählmann

Multifunktionelle Composite Faltwerke – MCF


E. Thiele
C. Falck



M. Braun
H. Metschies



F. Weigand

BI:4M – MaNeGs


J. Mählmann

Hybride Hochleistungsnetzkonstruktionen


F. Weigand

Cooperations & Networks

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