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Saxon Textile Research Institute


In order to meet the demands for innovation in an expanding market of technical textiles, an application-oriented, industry-related research and development potential  is a necessary pre-requisite.

The Saxon Textile Research Institute e.V. (STFI) is partner for these increasingly complex tasks with the professional competence of qualified staff and modern technical equipment. Through close cooperation with other research institutions, numerous interdisciplinary fields of expertise are covered.

The  diverse applications for technical textiles and nonwovens require constant improvement and modification of the technologies and thus, further and new development of machines and systems. At the same time, new systems developed by the partners in textile mechanical engineering are tested and their wide range of applications is tried out. On this basis, the STFI works very successfully with textile and nonwovens producers and various manufacturers of textile machinery and nonwoven systems.

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Dr. rer. nat.
Heike Illing-Günther

Phone: +49 371 5274-220



Research focus


  • Web formation
  • Fibre preparation and yarn production
  • Fibre-, spunbond- & meltblown nonwovens


Functionalisation/Chem. analytics

  • Process development
  • Ecology & Environmental Protection
  • Textile chemical analytics


Internat. Cooperation/Transfer

  • EU projects
  • Research transfer
  • International Networks


Research Services

  • Contract research
  • Customer-oriented product development
  • Small batch production

Textile lightweight engineering

  • Production of oriented strand-like structures from recycled carbon fibres
  • Composite Production
  • Testing for composite materials

Digitisation & Industrie 4.0

  • Networked manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Simulation & Modeling
  • Data analysis and AI

Fibre Preparation & Yarn Production

  • Preparation of natural and man-made fibers
  • Tape, yarn and twine production
  • Processing of recycled carbon fibers


Research projects

  • Ongoing projects
  • Completed projects
  • International projects

Techn. woven- and knitted fabrics

  • Weaving & Knitting (Knitwear)
  • Knitting (knitwear)
  • Embroidery

Textile recycling

  • Nonwoven fabrics recycling
  • Carbon fibre recycling
  • Recycling of smart textiles


Smart Technical Textiles

  • Processing of fibre-optic materials
  • Processing of conductive materials
  • RFID integration in textile structures


Fields of application



Cooperations & Networks

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