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Faszination Textil

Intelligent Production Systems


STFI is already involved in platform approaches in many ways - in the form of research and trial fields, open and interdisciplinary laboratories and digital value creation platforms.

The institute's research and experimental fields are demonstration platforms in which I4.0 solution approaches for different textile technologies, degrees of automation and process stages are researched, developed and demonstrated. In the Textile Prototyping Lab research project, STFI is collaborating on a laboratory for the development of textile innovations. In the futureTEX incubator, business models and prototypes are co-developed for selected research results. STFI was also involved in the PROFUND research project in setting up a digital value creation network for bundling resources in product development.

All platforms also bring together science, business and multipliers. They not only have a networking character, but also serve to transfer knowledge within the framework of transfer events and workshops.

Research and experimental field "Networked production”

In the futureTEX research and test field "Networked production", the automation and networking of a multi-stage production process is illustrated using the example of a customisable carpet (play mat).


futureTEX incubator for business model development

In the futureTEX incubator, selected results of the futureTEX implementation projects are transferred to a realisation phase via a product preparation phase with application fields, prototypes, market testing and product tests using agile methods.

Research and experimental field "Self-controlled nonwoven production”

In the futureTEX research and test field "Self-controlled nonwoven production", the focus is on approaches to self-control of the plant technology, possibilities of predictive maintenance and the interface between man and machine.


PROFUND - Digital Value Creation Network

The aim of PROFUND is to develop, pilot and evaluate a uniform solution and suitable network structures for the joint development of individualised products along the textile chain, taking into account the best possible bundling of resources.

Interdisciplinary "Textile Prototyping Lab”

The aim of the futureTEX research project Textile Prototyping Lab (TPL) is an open and interdisciplinary laboratory for the development of high-tech textiles. Open innovation and networking between research, design and industry are promoted.

Cooperations & Networks

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