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From idea to transfer

Von: Kareen Pfab

A visit to the SOS Children's Village Saxony in Zwickau

Donation certificate handed over

The SOS Children's Village in Zwickau was once again close to our hearts in our anniversary year 2022. Instead of a sea of flowers, we wanted our anniversary guests and well-wishers to make a donation to the SOS Children's Village in Zwickau. The amount collected makes us speechless and happy at the same time. On 20th of July 2022, Dr. Illing-Günther, Managing Director, as well as Berit Lenk and Kareen Pfab from the Public Relations team visited the Children's Village and handed the 6.930 € donation to Susann Pohle, head of the Children's Village, and Berthold Grenz. The money will be used to support the research station and the Children's Village's own bee project.


The bee’s accomodation is one of the houses in the garden in the children's village. The first honey could already be bottled. The research station of the Children's Village was created a few years ago at an old fire pond. Altogether, staff and children transformed it into a natural science biotope. In this idyll, children can marvel at frogs, dragonflies and water birds. The biotope was full of life, as we were able to see for ourselves. The actual research station, a small adjacent hut, offers many opportunities to take a closer look at nature. Finally, the caretakers installed a photovoltaic system, which was also financed with donations. This means that there will soon be even more opportunities for nature and animal conservation projects in which the children can immerse themselves.


Those who would like to get a picture on site will have the opportunity to do so in the fall. The SOS Children's Village in Zwickau is holding a flea market on 24th of September 2022. Interested hobby loafers from the region have the opportunity to register a stand free of charge to give discarded or superfluous things a new home. The team from the Zwickau Children's Village will also be running a stand offering donations that cannot be used directly in the Children's Village itself. Children and young people will benefit from the proceeds of the SOS stand.

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