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Von: Katharina Heilos

2nd User Committee Meeting

On 16 October 2019 the second user committee meeting took place at the STFI. The industrial partners discussed about current project results and further steps:

1) Selection of raw materials and industrial references:

Thanks to the industrial partner the project team received various reference materials:






Glass fibres woven fabrics
(Hexcel 1202, twill 2/2, 290 g/m²)

rCF nonwoven
(TENOWO GmbH, offcuts as starting material, 200 g/m²)

Standard Epoxy RTM
(Hexion EP TRAC 06310)

Flax fibres woven fabrics
(twill 2/2, ca. 300 g/m²)

Glass fibre nonwoven
(Fibtex GmbH, A200G ES, 200g/m²)

Standard Epoxidharz L  + Härter EPH 161 (R&G)

Basalt fibres woven fabrics
(Basaltex, twill 2/2, ca. 200 g/m² )

Basalt fibres nonwoven
(Basaltex, NW 4MM, 480 g/m²)

Bio-epoxy (details confidential) with ca. 35% bio content


Basalt fibres nonwoven
(DBF GmbH, 5MM, 800 g/m²)

Benzoxazine resin (details confidential)

We also want to thank Asglawo Technofibre GmbH for their material donation (basalt fibres).


2) Developing nonwovens at STFI

STFI developed different kinds of basalt, carbon and basalt-carbon-fibre nonwovens by using the carding or airlay technology combined with needle punching. Besides different basalt fibres, areal weights and a variety of punching density were applied.


3) Processing different composites at STFI and IVW

The developed nonwoven structures were cut to size, stacked, impregnated by hand lamination (with standard epoxy resin) and pressed to laminates with the help of a hydraulic downstroke press. Laminates with different fibre volume contents were produced.

Reference materials and developed nonwovens were also characterized (tensile strength, permeability etc.), and impregnated by using the RTM-process at IVW.


Thanks to all participants for the constructive discussion and cooperation!

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