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Faszination Textil
Head of the STFI Akademie: Denise Braun and Jens Stopp
Head of the STFI Akademie: Denise Braun and Jens Stopp

Training for textile specialists

STFI Akademie Course Programme 2023

Qualified skilled workers are also becoming increasingly difficult to find in the textile industry. The STFI therefore offers modules and courses for specialist qualification and further training under the name "STFI Akademie". Jens Stopp and Denise Braun, both long-time employees of the STFI, manage the Akademie. In the following interview, they present the new field of competence.


Who are the offers of the STFI Akademie aimed at?

The joint training is aimed at companies that cannot cover parts of the framework curriculum on their own and thus need specialist support from our team. The further training and qualification courses are aimed at skilled workers who want to deepen their technical knowledge in their field or broaden their professional horizons. In addition, career changers and career changers should also be addressed to acquire specialised knowledge. In the case of the textile info module, we mainly want to give pupils an understanding of textile professions.

What advantages do qualified employees have for their companies?

With more background knowledge and understanding of technological processes, our course graduates can communicate more confidently and implement work better - among themselves but also vis-à-vis customers. This confidence has a positive effect on the overall climate, on the appreciation of work and products and thus strengthens the structure of the company.

Who holds the courses for the participants?

The Akademie lecturers are trained professionals in their respective technological fields.

What prior knowledge do the participants need to have?

Those who are experts but also those who are not experts can participate in the courses. Some of the courses are divided into basic and intensive courses. Our lecturers actively involve the participants in the course - so they can respond to questions individually.

Is there funding for the qualification measures?

Companies can receive partial funding from the SAB, especially for the training in the network. However, each company must actively seek funding itself.

What do companies do if they cannot find suitable courses and modules in the catalogue?

We can also deal with a company's individual enquiries independently of the courses on offer. We are happy to create courses adapted to individual wishes after consultation with the companies. We provide uncomplicated advice on specific goals and content. Contact us via email:


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